Here are a few of my top tips for continuing to communicate really effectivity with both colleagues and clients alike during the challenging world we are all currently experiencing.

1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Think – little and often! Shorter more frequent comms is the key for staying in touch and staying up to date with what is happening within your team and your client network. In the current working environment, effective communications will be key to ensure we can keep the wheels of business turning.

2. Ask, Ask, Ask!

Ask your team how they are managing with the changes, how are they feeling and be genuine. Don’t project your own feelings onto others, however easily done. Ask if you can provide any extra help/support to the changes they need to make. Be as flexible as you can as they will have the extra pressure of looking after their families and dependants.

3. Make the communication more powerful

Whether you are communicating virtually over video calls, or by email, make it the best it can be. Think about how you will communicate your key points and the messages you want to be remembered, this will help everybody understand what is required of them and any actions and next steps as priorities.

4. Set aside more time to catch up.

Schedule some time in the diary and set up a team call to grab a virtual coffee break, no agenda other than to help your team stay connected and reduce the feeling of being isolated.

5.  Use the tools you have available

You can still hold face to face meetings virtually – make use of the great 21st century business enabling tools you have access to; these will help you to stay connected be it through webinars or through video calls. Make the agenda short to keep focus and be clear on the outcomes of the call.

Finally remember not to clog up other people’s inboxes too – make sure any emails you send are meaningful and add value, don’t send an email for the sake of it. Finish your email with a clear action request.

It’s easy to keep the usual communication practices in all that is going on, but the normal is no longer the ‘norm’, you need to take control and change how you communicate now in order to be an even more effective communicator going forward.

Niall Anderson


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