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Today is “Hug your cat” day. I never knew this day existed, or to be honest why, as every day is “hug your cat” day in my house.

But it did make me think. 

Whilst I’m very used to working from home for some of the time, like so many of us, it’s been most of the time for this past year.  I’ve missed human beings, the energy from being around people, collaborating with clients in their offices, and the impromptu moments of laughter, inspiration and ideas. And so it seems, during the working week I’ve spent more time with my cat Obi than any other living being.  

So on this special day, Obi deserves an extra special hug and I’m nominating him as my co-worker of the year as he has some exemplary co-worker traits:

Reliable – He respects my time and turns up promptly at the desk every morning sat in his bed next to me.  He’s consistent and dependable.

Attentive – He definitely pays attention and shows that he is fully listening and that what I’m saying is valuable (he’s sat through hundreds of workshops, webinars, training sessions and client meeting).  He often shows his face (or the other end…sorry about that) during video calls and likes to show he is listening.

Kind hearted – He goes out of his way to bring joy and looks after my well-being. I get the occasional head nudge just when I need it, his purring calms me, and he gets me away from the desk for breaks (every time he needs feeding, putting out, feeding again….)

Challenging – Willing to help me through a challenge and offers advice by walking on the keyboard to edit content, and I get the occasional meow when he has a point to make and disagrees.

Good communicator – Not afraid to speak and definitely facilitates open communication, the most vocal cat I’ve met…could do better at knowing when to stop meowing during important webinars though.

Energetic – Whilst he comes to the office day with an upbeat attitude and spreads positivity …boy does he sleep and snore a lot, so in the spirit of constructive feedback he could be better and sleep less!


I’m sure many of you who’ve been working remotely have had similar pet related experiences, so if you have a cat (or any other pet), appreciate them, recognise the traits that make them unique and go and give them a hug to thank them for their companionships. 

As we start to return to the office, let’s also recognise and celebrate those wonderful traits of your fellow human beings and enjoy re-connecting with your co-workers once again.

Lindsey Ulanowsky


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