We believe in business as a force for good.

We believe firmly that businesses have a crucial role to play in putting the Earth first, creating a more sustainable and equitable society, and building a happy, diverse and inclusive workplace. We are committed to achieving the best outcome for people and for the planet.

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Proud to be a B Corp

B Corporations are companies verified to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

After careful consideration, we chose this as our measure of impact. We knew that the standards required to achieve B Corp status would be high, and therefore meaningful.

In 2021, we achieved B Corporation Certification joining a rapidly growing movement of over 5335 organisations in 83 countries and 156 industries.

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We aim to limit our effect on the planet to the greatest possible extent whilst still attempting to develop a vibrant commercial business. 

We are proud to be a multi-million pound global consultancy that has no permanent offices! We evaluate our use of resources carefully and endeavour to be as economical as possible in our use of collateral and transportation. We use the latest technology, flexible resources and all that the 21st century offers in enabling us to work collaboratively together and deliver brilliantly. This not only limits our environmental impact, but it also means we have talent in our team that otherwise we might not be able to access. 

We support the UN Global Compact, working to advance ten universal principles in the areas of sustainability, the environment and human rights. In 2021(and renewed in 2022), we become a climate positive company through Earthly. 

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We support the United Nations Global Compact. Find out more →


We are committed to creating a more equitable society and supporting the next generation of leaders.

Each year we support a variety of NGO’s/Not for Profits with every member of Positive Momentum choosing a cause to donate to. We have a matched giving scheme for any donations our team makes.

We give employees paid time off to volunteer and many of our team sit on or chair boards.  Our team are also actively involved in mentoring young people and future leaders via The Aleto Foundation, Generation Success and the Udayan Shalini Fellowship (USF) program.

In India, Positive Momentum supports the Udayan program which protects and nurtures vulnerable young people. Our Indian business contributes 10% of earnings to Udayan which goes directly to support a care home for young girls.

Our Employees

We do our utmost to support the welfare of our employees and to develop their potential to the fullest. 

We invest in the training and development of our people with a focused program of professional development, coaching and support.

Our employees work fully from home with flexible hours to support their lifestyle and needs. Regular team building off-sites give us the opportunity for face-to-face get-togethers and relationship building.

Our well-being package includes pension, medical insurance, generous holiday allowance and life insurance. We regularly review the salaries of our employees to reflect rising inflation and cost-of-living increases. 

Diversity & Inclusion

As a global team, we are proud to work alongside colleagues and clients who come from varied cultures, backgrounds and communities.

Embedded in our company values are collaboration, authenticity and the exchange of different viewpoints.  We strive to recruit and retain people from a diverse talent pool and we have developed a blind process for the recruitment of full time employees to help us combat unconscious bias.

Our employees working from home is a key part of our diversity & inclusion strategy as this gives people who cannot work traditional hours in an office the opportunity to thrive.

Our Goals

Although we’ve come a long way we know there is still more to do. We are committing to the following goals:


  • We pledge to donate 10% of our annual net profits to support NGO’s/Not for Profits who are doing work that’s in line with our Environmental and Social focus areas 
  • We will diversify our donations across the following areas: food hunger, education, water, poverty 


  • We regularly monitor and record our carbon emissions, we aim to reduce our overall carbon intensity by 5% each year
  • We plan to have offset our historic emissions by 2028
  • We commit to offsetting 110% of carbon emissions from all our client engagements


  • We will expand the volume of our client advisory work on Net Zero and the development of solutions for large scale, nature-based CDR (carbon dioxide removal) by 10% 
  • We will increase the work we do with purpose-driven enterprises by at least 10% on last year 


  • We will extend our Diversity & Inclusion efforts to our supplier base so that by the end of 2024 at least 10% of our suppliers are businesses that are female or ethnic minority owned