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Sometimes it can be a mistake to only live in the moment. Sometimes it helps to have a longer perspective, to put today’s troubles in the context of your longer journey. In 5 years time how small will today’s troubles look? How different will things be?

There is no doubt that I can find real joy in hearing the rustling of the leaves, of focusing on that person in front of me, of just taking the next step and not thinking longer term. However, sometimes, living in the moment can harm us – focusing on those anxious thoughts bibbling round your head, worrying how someone sees you or the panic situation your business is navigating. 

So here is a little exercise: Think about the challenges you overcame 5 years ago. 

Gosh they seem small now. There’s been plenty of water under the bridge since then.

In fact, can you even remember them? And do they FEEL the same now as they did at the time?

I doubt it. You overcame those challenges and you’ll overcome these challenges too. 

Living in the moment is overrated if it stops you getting perspective.

Simon Cooper


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