Positive Momentum

Sarah Beauvallet


A Positive Momentum partner since 2011

A Positive Momentum partner since 2011

Career highlights include:

  • MD Transactional Banking & Liquidity at Santander UK Corporate and Commercial Banking
  • Chairman of Board for Moneyline UK
  • Regional Director at BNP Paribas Fortis

About Sarah

We first met Sarah when she joined Santander in 2009 and were instantly struck by her extraordinary client focus. In a world where ‘understanding clients’ has become a wildly overused cliché, Sarah is a truly committed and totally natural proponent of the art.

Sarah got to the route of the problem quickly and synthesised it beautifully. She is highly empathetic with excellent listening and interpersonal skills.

I loved the fact that she didn’t come with a predefined solution but created a bespoke plan based upon the specific business situation. She quickly built rapport with 10 senior members of the management team and got their buy-in and active engagement.

Christopher Nott, Senior Partner, Capital Law

This excellence was of course rewarded with career advancement at Santander that included Head of Liabilities and ultimately Managing Director of Transactional Banking where Sarah was exposed to the bright lights of FinTech and a non-executive directorship with Vocalink prior to their sale to MasterCard.

Before Santander, Sarah’s corporate banking career included client coverage and product specific roles at Fortis, HSBC and BNP Paribas.

What attracted us to her though was not her deep financial services experience but her insightful ability to cut through the chatter and get to the core of an issue.

Her experience of working with clients and leading teams in a wide variety of circumstances provides the perfect basis for her consultancy work.

Outside of work she’s a proud mother of a grown up son and daughter, married to a French music journalist and can often be found on a yoga mat, a tennis court or swimming in the open sea off the French coast!

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