Julian March


A Positive Momentum partner since 2020

A Positive Momentum partner since 2011

Career highlights include:

  • Managing Director at Future plc
  • SVP Digital at NBC News
  • Director of Online at ITV

About Julian

After studying Russian and German at Oxford, Julian entered the world of TV journalism. He started at the very bottom as a runner at the ground-breaking 5 News when it launched in 1997 – when standing up to read the news, and having journalists edit their own video was revolutionary. A decade later he won the first of three Royal Television Society Awards for Innovation, and has been at the forefront of digital disruption sweeping through the media and publishing sector ever since, with senior leadership roles at Sky, ITV, and NBC in New York.

Jules stepped into our senior management team and with poise,  wisdom and humour helped us chart a clear path forward. Few  people could come into that situation and immediately win the  team’s trust and confidence, and then steer us calmly through a  strategy process.

Olly Willans – Founder, Torchbox

More recently, Julian was part of the senior leadership team which took Future Plc from failing magazine publisher to FTSE 250 digital powerhouse, and he was CEO of award-winning innovation consultancy Made by Many. He’s also Co-Founder and NED of an influencer content agency in Rome.

His specialisms include accelerating digitisation, defining and articulating disruptive strategies, and conceiving launching and scaling digital products.

Besides Russian and German, Julian also speaks French and Italian. He’s obsessed with cycling, although he probably should have stuck with basketball. His ambitions to be a rock star got only as far as releasing one 7 inch single, but he will still insist on DJing on his own pop-up internet radio station.

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