With 7,400 restaurants and 415,000 employees, McDonald’s Europe is the second largest geography for the mighty McDonald’s, serving around 14 million customers every day. McDonald’s Europe has delivered sustained growth and strong sales results over the last few years, and has been recognised this year as one of Europe’s ‘Great Places to Work’. Many employees have the chance to work flexibily, move around the business and cooperate with their colleagues across the region.


We have worked with Positive Momentum now for a couple of years and we have a fantastic partnership, they have developed outstanding leadership programmes for our teams across Europe. From design to delivery I’ve been very impressed with their energy, passion and commitment to getting the training right. Every detail is taken care of and it is refreshing to work with such a professional team.

Neil Radcliffe – HR Director, Europe McDonald’s

What did the client need?

The vast majority of McDonald’s managers and many of their core employees will travel extensively with their work and will almost certainly be based in a different location from those they manage, their boss or some of their colleagues. Leading teams or working remotely requires discipline and very deliberate activity. Those leading or working remote or virtual teams can be frustrated by the need to move away from the natural, informal, ‘day-to-day’ styles that they may have used in the past. Face-to-face time becomes precious and must be used in a highly effective way. McDonald’s Europe recognised the need to help their people develop team spirit, manage individual performance and motivational levels; all of which is considerably more challenging where leaders are not working physically next to their reports

How did it work

Working close with the Learning & Development professionals and the wider senior leadership community,Positive Momentum spent time absorbing both the specifics of the McDonald’s structure, culture and ways of working. This was used to create and deliver two high impact workshops; one aimed at those leading remote teams and one at those working remotely from their leaders and team colleagues.

What did Positive Momentum do?

  1. Worked closely with the executive and senior leadership community
  2. Produced two entirely bespoke
    1-day programmes delivered to teams across Europe
  3. Engaged over 40 key McDonald’s Europe people in highly contextual, participative and action-orientated workships
  4. Followed up with all delegates to reinforce and embed their key takeaways from the programme

What were the results?

Participants left the programme with practical, instantly applicable ideas and tools to use with their teams and their roles immediately. Feedback from the delegates reflected their high levels of enthusiasm during the workshops and the strong value they took from participating.


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