Metaswitch provides a world-class VoIP infrastructure together with innovative applications that enable its fixed and mobile carrier and cable operator customers to deliver an enhanced communication services portfolio and increase revenue. It has enjoyed 30 years continuous growth and has around 700 employees worldwide, 30% of whom are US-based.


Positive Momentum helped define our route to market in EMEA and have greatly accelerated pipeline development. We now have the foundations for building a strong client base across Europe that can, with their support, be rapidly increased.

Richard Dorey – VP EMEA Metaswitch

What did the client need?

A British company that is US-centric, Metaswitch had committed to growing its EMEA clients base and revenue through the development of a locally based, high calibre sales team. Despite a competitive portfolio, the company had low brand awareness and only a handful of clients in EMEA. A pipeline was in the early stages of being built through existing contacts. However, with sales cycles of between 3-12 months, there was an urgent need to accelerate prospect quality and quantity development without using valuable sales time on cold calling.

How did it work

Interviews and desk research were used to identify the Metaswitch offerings which had the greatest potential to generate initial dialogue with prospect Tier 2 and 3 carriers. A matrix of client role and responsibilities against the offerings was developed and cross-referenced to identify key personnel who would have the greatest propensity to initially engage with Metaswitch. From this, targeted value proposition and key messages were created for a multi-media lead generation programme..

What did Positive Momentum do?

  1. Consulted with global stakeholders and EMEA sales people to understand key issues
  2. Matched results against research to identify primary products and prospects.
  3. Delivered EMEA tailored customer benefit led proposition – corporate, key products.
  4. Built a closed-loop, targeted lead generation programme to 7 European countries
  5. Created messaging and collateral to support the sales process
  6. Developed a qualified prospect list with insight into each organisation’s priorities

What were the results?

Pipeline development was rapidly accelerated with messaging and activity that enabled high-quality prospects to be qualified and significant revenue opportunities across all 7 countries identified. The programme is now being taken into other countries to support the expanding EMEA operation.


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